My Primal Burn Review

Fat Loss Reviews:  In-House Synopsis

Creator of Primal Burn, Ken (who never reveals his last name for some reason), solicits attention with this enticement:  “Restore youth, energy, and health to your body while also increasing your metabolism for fast, permanent weight loss”.

On this page, I’m going to provide a “Reader’s Digest” synopsis of what Primal Burn is all about.  The full Primal Burn video is pretty long (almost 30 minutes, I think), but very interesting (his transformation story is actually very interesting).


You can go to his website HERE to view the full-length video.

Broadly speaking, Ken’s nutritional philosophy is “Paleolithic”, aka “Paleo”, aka ”Caveman”.  This particular diet trend has become quite popular lately, perhaps appealing to people by virtue of its common sense logic.  The premise is that since the Industrial Revolution, when Americans began eating mass-produced foods (as opposed to natural, farm-raised, non-processed modern staples), they began getting fatter.  Today, we are the fattest country in the world.  Per Ken and the Paleo crowd, this is because of the US Government (FDA) endorsement of an erroeous “health food pyramid”, while big-label food producers stock grocery store shelves with synthetically-manufactured junk. Consequently, those of us who typically stroll up and down the grocery aisles loading our carts with products advertising “healthy” content are likely being duped into sustained fat gain.

More specifically, we gain weight with processed foods because the natural condition of our bodies was not designed to digest these things!  Atop the list of food types ubiquitously endorsed by the FDA and major food manufacturers are…

GRAINS! (whole wheat, whole grain, etc)

According to Ken and the Paleo contingency, grains are grown to feed cattle, not humans.  Yet grocery shelves are stacked with all manner of grain-bearing foods like “whole grain” bread, pastas, cereals, etc.  Without knowing specifically what to avoid, you are almost certain to purchase multiple grain-based foods at every trip to your local grocery!

The solution?  Know what to eat, and what to avoid.  The Paleo (short for Paleolithic) concept is thusly named in reference to the eating habits of our human ancestors, who had no access to industrialized foodstuffs and ate only what was available by nature!

Summarily, when our digestive systems receive foods that have been processed and contain junk that our bodies are not designed to digest, we create a kind of metabolic shock within.  As Ken describes in detail, he ate himself into a diabetic state, because the wrong foods will immediately cause an INSULIN SPIKE, resulting in the cessation of the production and release of fat burning hormones known as Human Growth Hormone (HGH).  When we eat in a Paleo manner, our insulin levels remain low and HGH production is high, which promotes the use of fatty nutrition as fuel (not baggage!) and automatically reduces body fat.

So BEWARE, says Ken.  “The Weight Loss is a $650 Billion per year industry, and vendors have all the incentive in the world to keep you from actually losing weight (otherwise, they will not have you as a repeat customer!).  They tell half-truths, provide disinformation, and spend billions on propaganda campaigns that keep us fat and unhealthy so that they keep us coming back to spend more money on their products”.

Primal Burn Review: Conclusion

Ken says, “I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this before”, continuing “I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see just how easy it is to follow these tips to a thinner, fitter you”.  The Paleo diet has become popular because of the results people have realized, very similar to Ken’s claims.  I’m not sure his Primal Burn system offers any groundbreaking revelations in addition to conventional Paleo nutrition standards, but he certainly indicates such.  There is mention of certain lifestyle elements such as sleeping more (for scientifically-proven  reasons relating to health) an exercising less (myriad hours in the gym are actually unhealthy) that Ken discusses.  In any case, Primal Burn comes with a money back guarantee and all the usual bonus materials.

Personally, I’ve dabbled with Paleo dieting and I like it, a lot.  Of course, I’m a meat lover, and Paleo folk are big on meats, which were very much a staple of the diet of our ancient ancestors.  I can eat of ton of meat, eggs, and other animal products, plus unlimited plant products. It is a really good weight loss system, and it works because Paleo foods never spike insulin, which triggers fat storage.  Instead, fat consumed within a Paleo diet is burned as fuel for evergy and thereby precluded from fat loss.

Hope this helps!


ps. you can go to his website HERE to view the full-length video