My Fat Loss Factor Report

Fat Loss Reviews:  In-House Synopsis

Liver.  Yours, to be exact.  This key element is the crux of Dr. Charles Livingston’s revelation centered around permanent fat loss in the Fat Loss Factor program.  Liver cleanse diets are apparently the “next big thing” in fat loss, and the chatter is rising.

Dr. Charles is a board certified chiropractor, a certified wellness practicioner, certified advanced nutritionist, speaker, author, and dog owner.  Owning a dog has nothing to do with the program, of course.

His guarantee is an instant boost in fat loss, with permanent results, for clients who follow his step-by-step guidelines.

The key to success?  Improve liver function.

The job of the liver is to break down toxic substances, including cholesterol (ie, fat).  If the liver doesn’t regulate cholesterol breakdown, fat can accumulate.  If you clog up your liver with junk, it will be difficult to lose weight. So the idea is to get your liver healthy BEFORE starting a weight loss program – such is the value and basis for Fat Loss Factor.

Perhaps it works for some people and not for others – everyone is made a bit differently from the next person.  In any case, the concept makes sense to us and the testimonials are compelling.

Dr. Charles did not invent the concept, but has had success implementing it with his clients at the office, and apparently with his online users, as well.  Here’s an idea of what comes with the online Fat Loss Factor program:

    1. Liver and body cleansing videos
    2. Access to custom fat loss software program
    3. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercises
    4. Five sample 15 minute workout routines (yes, 15 minutes IS enough if designed properly)
    5. One full year of personal email coaching
    6. Food diary and exercise log
    7. Weight loss recipe book
    8. Goal setting guide
    9. Measurements form
    10. Custom grocery list and and a “down the  aisle” grocery store shopping video
    11. Free lifetime updates to the product
    12. “How to dress to look skinny” video
    13. “Quick Start” video (10 minutes)

The program comes with an instant download option, offered now at a discounted price of a one-time $47 payment (fyi, he claims to charge his in-office clients $732 for the stuff provided in the online version)

As for product guarantee, Dr. Charles allows for a full refund through the first 8 weeks after purchase, also allowing you to keep the program.

Step-by-step and easy to follow, this program appears to be a no-fluff with a platform unique to fat loss systems – liver cleanse.

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Fat Loss Reviews:  Real User Feedback

For your benefit, I’ve researched actual user reviews and posted four of them below, representative of the broader pool of feedback which I have assiduously studied.  For the most part, users were excited with the results of the Fat Loss Factor diet, with very few dissenters (and always from non-users).  Unique because it focuses first on cleansing the liver, actual users were ubiquitously positive.

Real User Feedback #1:  I bought it for $47 just the other day and going over the material – I’m REALLY excited to start next week! They offer a great diet plan including a detox, a cleanse and lists of foods that burn fat faster than most others! It even gives you a grocery list so you know what foods you should be eating and what ones you shouldn’t. I read up on it online before I purchased and everyone seems to have gotten good results and written good reviews! You MUST be disciplined to follow the plan though, because it does not seems like it will be too pleasant for the first few weeks… Hope this helps some! -Lila


Real User Feedback #2:    The Fat Loss Factor works! Period. Within 3 days, I lost 5 lbs of fat and reduced my waist size by at least one belt buckle. Hands down, the best and most effective weight loss program that I’ve tested. I strongly recommend this program to anyone looking to quickly lose fat and shrink their belly. Thanks!  – John Pfeiffer Boulder, CO


Real User Feedback #3:  Any diet, if followed through, will result in fat loss. All diets are the same  in one thing: you eat less calories than you  burn. I recommend “eating clean” because not only is it easy to burn fat this  way, but it is also very healthy. Just stick to foods like nuts, vegetables,  lean meats, low-fat dairy, eggs, fruits/berries, whole-grains, etc. and only eat  when you are hungry (several small meals throughout the day is perfect). Don’t  stuff yourself when you eat, but don’t starve yourself either.  Popular paid-for programs like fat loss factor are unnecessary, even if true, since eating right is so simple.


Real User Feedback #4:   I am almost over the 2nd week of the diet.  I haven’t lifted in a couple of year and my bodyfat is around 16-17%.  The diet has been good.  In fact, I almost think it is too good because I am having a hard time eating all the food at 200-225 lbs.


Fat Loss Factor Review: Conclusion

We conclude that, given the refund guarantee, the program is worth a try.  The fat loss reviews and testimonials for Fat Loss Factor are fully positive and credible, and if you are a person interested in losing weight, liver cleanse makes perfectly logical sense as a basis for restoring your body to its cholesterol-burning state of efficiency (in fact, liver cleanse diets are quickly trending in popularity with cutting-edge nutritionists).  Besides, who doesn’t enjoy a good liver cleanse every now and again?