31 Day Fat Loss Cure Report

Fat Loss Reviews:  In-House Synopsis

Vic Magary is an average guy.  His program, The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure, is for average people.  Modeled after the plan he used for his own 19.5lb fat loss, Vic designed the 31-Day Fat Loss Cure plan “for people of any age with average genetics who want to lose their belly fat without doing long, boring cardio workouts and spending countless hours in the gym“.

Magary struggled with fat loss for years, even when preparing to join the Army.  He had run the gammit of common fat loss tools – fitness magazine diets and workouts, treadmill runs, Adkins diet, low calorie, low fat, low carb, informercial stuff, etc.  In fact, he had concluded that he was “destined to be fat and unhappy for his entire life“.

It wasn’t until his first week in the Army that something “clicked” for him.  His Army workouts were only about 10-15 minutes, simply using combinations of bodyweight exercises.  He noticed that after one week in the Army his belly fat was already melting off.  He didn’t have to starve himself or count calories, either.

Moreover, Vic warns against the advice of celebrity trainers and diet gurus, who have an ulterior motive – to continue making money from their clients.  Most of the nutrition plans in fitness magazines advise eating foods that actually cause the body to accumulate fat around the belly (ie, whole grains – pasta, rice, bread)

The program contains “three little known exercises that will boost metabolism, skyrocket fat burning, and give you a body that turns heads everywhere you go!”  – exercises that can be done anywhere and without equipment.

Vic is adamant when revealing what he calls “the three dirty little secrets that the diet industry doesn’t want you to know”:

    1. Long, slow cardio workouts SUCK for losing fat.   Though these workouts can help lose fat, they also cause loss of lean muscle mass (think about how imbalanced marathon runners look – emaciated bodies with soft bellies).  As an alternative, Vic prescribes short workouts of 10-15 each, using combinations of bodyweight exercises.  TO LOSE FAT, WORKOUTS MUST BE SHORT!  Vic’s workouts continue to be effective even 24-36 hours after completion by skyrocketing metabolic output.
    2. Most so-called “health foods” you eat ae the exact foods that are making you fat.  Whole grains are the biggest culprit because they are processed – the body cannot properly metabolize them!  They actually cause insulin spikes in your blood sugar because your body resists their “processed” nature, causing slowing of metabolism and as a result, fat gain.
    3. Ab exercises are WORTHLESS forgetting rid of belly fat (ie, it is not the action of strengthening your abdominal muscles that causes fat loss and reveals the ol’ six pack!).  As a case-in-point, ever notice how the people at the gym who spend the most time on the ab mats never seem to change shape?

OK, so in sum, we can be very confident about Vic’s straightforward, logical, and proven fundamentals as presented in the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure program.  He has plenty of before-and-after pictures from clients, and an active facebook page with testimonials from around the world.  Plus, the program has been endorsed by one of the world’s leading weight loss surgeons.

In any case, the program only costs $39.97 and can be refunded for up to 60 days.

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Fat Loss Reviews:  Real User Feedback

We’ve researched actual user reviews and posted four of them below, representative of the broader pool of feedback which we’ve studied.  For the most part, actual users seemed pleased and even excited with the results of the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure.

Real User Feedback #1:  Didn’t get much feedback, but decided since hubby was motivated to try something, I’d do it with him.  We are now on day 17 & I feel great!  The 3rd to 5th day I was craving sweets/bread really bad, but after I got past that it’s not hard at all.  We eat a wide variety of meats, vegetables, fruits & nuts.  I have lost 9 lbs. so far, but the best thing is how good I feel & how much energy I have.  I will say I am shocked….figured I’d be dragging without my carbs (I do eat some carbs, such as potatoes & corn, but limited).  After the first 31 days, I plan to do the lifestyle plan….which is 80/20….80% of the time eat like the restricted diet & 20% of the time incorporate some breads, pastas, etc. without overdoingn it.  I want to keep this feeling of “wellness”!


Real User Feedback #2:  I just wanted to say that I have been on this program for about 2 weeks and I have already dropped 5 pounds! No lie. I try to avoid the foods that he talks about but I do cheat just a little every now and then, but I am still seeing results. The best part about this experience, however, is that I now feel like I understand my body better. I know what it wants and what it doesn’t need and I know how far I can push it to get the results I want. Of course, the other great part of this program is that I am still allowed to eat! I don’t have to starve myself or make do with pre-packaged “diet” meals. I just have to be pro-active, plan ahead, and prepare meals that are healthy and follow the rules Vic outlines. Pretty easy! So, if any of you are wondering if this program works, I can tell you that it does. It really does.


Real User Feedback #3:  My husband has doing this for 1 week we got he belly lose one too and he has been only doing that because he has to weigh in the navy in a week anyways long story he has already lost 5 lbs and he really hopes to lose 5 more by next week we have tried a number of things but this has been the only one that worked and it’s really simple


Real User Feedback #4:  I went on it for 31 days and followed the meal plans and worked out I much as I could and I did lose 20 lbs! But you really have to follow what Vic says and his emails are great! I started the program again because I needed to get back to eating right again and I want to feel better too.  I went on protein shakes but found myself cheating and eating all the wrong things again. I don’t like to workout as much but just eating the right things and drinking my water kept me from gaining and losing the weight. But I do say exercise as much as you can and you’ll see your body change!


31 Day Fat Loss Cure Review:  Conclusion

Nothing groundbreaking in Magary’s book, but it is a solid and veritable program.  The truth is, workouts are best in short, intensive bursts (I prefer 18-25min workouts).  Also, I can testify from personal experience that magazine diets and conventional nutritional advice, even from “experts”, will have you eating stuff that makes you fluffy in the middle.  I have little doubt that the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure is a solid program, provided the user is committed and persistent with the roadmap.